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Welcome to The Click Collective!  We are a threesome of branding, marketing, and web development experts offering a Masterclass to simplify the process of creating a website and building your online presence.

If you are struggling with where to begin with website changes, then our Build Better Sites Masterclass will help jumpstart your success! We’ll cover branding basics, website set-up, design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing to get you started on the RIGHT FOOT.

the problem

You know you need a professional website to build your business, BUT…

  • You don’t know where to begin
  • You don’t know which platform or hosting is best
  • You’re just starting out and on a budget
  • You are tired of wasting time trying to figure it all out!

OR…maybe you built a website using a ‘Quick & Easy’ application or got pulled into the ‘Niche Websites’ but…

  • It’s not bringing in the right clients
  • It has limited functionality and customization
  • You’re not seeing the results you thought you would
  • You’re tired of wasting time and money on a site that doesn’t work!

imagine a way to

build a better site

If you’re ready to build a better site, our course will help you…

  • Learn the secrets that save you time and money
  • Discover how to set up your websites for success
  • Easily maintain your own website
  • Learn to distinguish good/bad plugins and themes
  • Learn SEO best practices to drive traffic to your site
  • Learn basic website security measures to protect your business
  • Turn that embarrassingly old (or non-existent) website into a real money maker!

introducing the

Build Better Sites Masterclass

The Build Better Sites Masterclass is an in-depth, 4-week course that covers everything you need to know to build a successful website without the stress. This course will also lay the foundation for your branding, start developing your content marketing, help you understand search engine optimization and more!

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Classes start February 15th and occur each Friday through March 8th

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM at Hera Hub Carlsbad

5205 Avenida Encinas, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92008

This course is for you if…

You’re a small business owner frustrated with your website.

You want to build a better online presence without spinning your wheels.

You’re on a tight budget and need to know if you’re getting it done right.

Your website isn’t bringing in the leads and clients you need for your business.

You’ve been BURNED before and just need a website that WORKS!

You’re committed to taking your website to the next level and start making MONEY!

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What’s included!

What You’ll Get with The Build Better Sites course:

  • 4-week course led by 3 digital marketing experts
  • Exclusive access to our private LinkedIn Group for feedback & ideas
  • Recordings of class videos to reference at home
  • 5 hours/week of live chat help from the instructors in addition to class
  • Additional resources and reference guides
  • A fully functional site you’ll be proud to share
  • Small class size – Limited to 15 people for one-on-one help

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4 weeks, 4 modules

Week 1- Lay the Foundation

Lesson: Foundational Website Setup

We’ll install necessary plugins, manage WordPress General Settings, add our basic pages, and discuss some critical components of WordPress.

Lesson: Nailing Your Design

Here we’ll review branding & design decisions such as the psychology of colors, fonts, and representation.  From a user experience, we’ll meld how you want to portray your business and what your users experience.

Lesson: Attracting the RIGHT Client

Define who’s coming to your site by fine-tuning your target audience in an interactive exercise.  Create calls-to-action and learn how to change visitors into customers by speaking their language.  Then, we will use these insights to find the right keywords to optimize your content.

Week 2- Content & Branding

Lesson: Homepage Must-haves

Learn what makes a great homepage that converts users into clients.  What are building best practices and how do we implement them.

Lesson: What you don’t know about images

Learn how we add, edit, resize and name images.  Discover where to find free stock photos (that aren’t cheesy) and know your legal rights.

Lesson:  Optimizing Your Content for Users

Learn what optimization is and why it is important in order to make money with your website.  We’ll discover the proper page anatomy and hierarchy for SEO.

Week 3- Let’s Get Building!

Lesson:  Setting the Theme

We’ll help you with the right theme because there are thousands to choose from.  Our theme is robust, optimized for SEO, and comes with a variety of customizable settings.

Lesson: Page Building

This is the fun stuff!  Layout those pages and learn how to create rows, columns, add templates, and elements to your site.

Lesson:  Optimization Application

Now we add our optimized content to the site.  We’ll learn about important SEO considerations in moving to your new website so that you don’t lose important traffic.

Week 4- Finalize & Go LIVE!

Lesson:  Mobile Responsiveness

How does your new website look on a smaller screen? We’ll review your site on mobile devices and simplify as needed.  

Lesson:  Gaining Local Traffic & Reviews

Local profiles like Google My Business and Yelp are often a customer’s first impression of your business. We will optimize your profiles and discuss how to get reviews the right way. Then we will submit your new sitemap to Google.

Lesson:  Go LIVE Steps

Learn how to transition your site to the Live environment and the necessary steps behind the scenes for domains, hosting, and SEO.


I want to build a better site

meet the experts

Gwen Beren crafts strategic optimization plans that get results for your businesses. Her passion for learning means you get the best emerging marketing tactics available.

Laurie Kerns is a stand-out web developer who puts YOUR customer first when designing websites. Her expertise in user experience results in gorgeous websites that leave an impression on your clients.

Betsy Holt creates WOW-worthy results for your business with her stunning branding development and designs. She excels at guiding businesses through visually communicating their brand to the right customer.

Still unsure if this is for you?

I can’t afford this…

Well, you can’t afford not to.  Your next client is searching for your business online. Will they find you or your competitor? This new website will be a sales tool to save you time and earn you money. Spend time working ON your business rather than IN your business.

I don’t have the time…

You can send a partner, teammate, or intern on your behalf.  Or bring a teammate along for a minimal fee to split the work. But remember, you also don’t have time to waste.  Get your site up and ready for the new year!

I’ve already tried and think I can do it…

Have you ever experienced something where the more you dive into it, the more you realize you didn’t know and you get easily overwhelmed? What else could you be doing for your business with the right resource?  Our team of experts has the technical know-how so you don’t waste time and money doing it the wrong way.

I think my current website is good enough…

That’s fair, however, how many potential customers are you losing on mobile devices? Is your website secure, or is it vulnerable to hacks? Are users dropping off because your site takes forever to load? Let the experts show you how to build your site and avoid costly mistakes.

Course details


You’ll receive valuable, IN-PERSON training from 3 industry experts who will guide you through each module, provide real-time feedback and answer any questions you may have as you progress through the course.

This hands-on course includes 4 modules delivered in a classroom environment, designated “dig-in” time to explore and build, group Q&A discussion sessions and take-home assignments to prepare you for following classes.

At the end of 4 weeks you’ll have an expanded understanding of how to build and maintain your website and you’ll be able to show off all your hard work through your beautiful new website!

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1-Time Payment of


* $12,000 value *

Custom Website
Foundational SEO & Content Plan
Visual Branding Guidance
4 Half Day Masterclasses
Access to 3 Digital Experts
Weekly Office Hours Via Chat
Exclusive LinkedIn Group
Video Recordings
Resources & Guides

* BONUS | $350 value *

FREE 20 Minute Brand Consultation
FREE 30 Minute Analytics Review
FREE 30 Minute Site Audit

2 Payments of


* $12,000 value *

Custom Website
Foundational SEO & Content Plan
Visual Branding Guidance
4 Half Day Masterclasses
Access to 3 Digital Experts
Weekly Office Hours Via Chat
Exclusive LinkedIn Group
Video Recordings
Resources & Guides

Course begins FRIDAY, February 15th

Limited seating available!

In-Class: Fridays, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Online Chat Hours: TBD
Classes will be held at Hera Hub in Carlsbad

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I want to build a better site